In de Vrede
In the shadow of Sint-Sixtus abbey
The In de Vrede visitor’s centre hosts the only cafe on the globe where you can taste the "Best Beer in the World": we’re the only ones authorized to serve the famous Westvleteren Trappist beer. The beer is brewed with the utmost care, using 100% natural ingredients, in the local Sint-Sixtus abbey. You’re more than welcome here to savour this exclusive, divine drink, either inside our modern, spacious cafeteria, or while enjoying the sun on our green terrace. Combine the beer with a tasty sandwich, a delicious fresh, farm-made ice cream, Mazarine cake (with cinnamon, butter and ice cream) or a piece of hommelpaptaart (hop porridge cake). Or why not try our "Coupe In de Vrede": delicious ice cream with Westvleteren Trappist beer! If you’re bringing the kids, they’ll surely have fun on our modern and safe outdoor games. And don’t forget to buy some Trappist beer, abbey cheese or pâté, kruydekoecke (gingerbread), hennepot (chicken in gelatine) or one of our many other local specialties (if available), so that you can enjoy the taste of the "Westhoek", our region, at home too. By the way: if you plan to come in group, we recommend making an appointment and reserving some space. That’s the best way to guarantee that you’ll find a cosy corner to indulge in our beer and that we’ll be fully at your service. "In de Vrede" is easily accessible to wheelchair users.
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